I Cheat On My Knitting

There, I said it, I’m a cheater.

I am unable to be monogamous with my knitting projects. I’ve tried many times to be one of those knitters who finishes one project before moving on to the next, but I can’t do it. I like having several projects on the go at a time to suit different moods.

For example: I’m knitting this great sweater pattern, Beacon Hill by local designer Jane Richmond. It is going so well. The stitch pattern is interesting enough that it’s not boring and it was fast to memorize. The colour of the yarn is fantastic and I’m super happy with it.


BUT on Tuesday, I cast on another project, a pair of hand-knit socks inspired by classic work socks. The pattern is called Climb and it’s also by designer Jane Richmond.


Even though I cheat on my projects, I don’t think I’d want it to be any other way. I’m very happy having multiple things on the go and pulling out whatever suits my mood that day.

Are you able to stick to one project at a time or are you a project cheater like me?

Rainbow Blanket of Happiness

I’m constantly inspired by Lucy of Attic24. When I first discovered her blog I was taken aback by how colourful it is, the general tone of her posts and her lovely crocheting. As soon as I saw her Granny Stripe Blanket I knew I had to have one and it had to be made in the same yarn with the same colours! Lucy is a British blogger and luckily I had a British connection so I asked if they would be able to find the yarn for me, which was done with success.


A little while later I received the yarn and started the blanket right away, this was in August of 2011. I looked up the pattern and did the math to start the project. I happily foundation chained 375 stitches and measured it against my bed. Looked like the perfect width! I then did the first row and then the next few more. I then realized that it was accidentally king-sized rather than a comfortable queen-sized. Oh dear.


I decided that I was quite happy with this new width and continued on. The project was put down when I discovered I was running out of yarn and needed to acquire more. During this time my cat, Bella, decided that the rainbow blanket was hers and the new bookshelf was her new favourite place to be. I decided that, since I needed to order more yarn, I could spare a bit to make Bella her own version of the blanket for on top of the bookshelf. It was also great to get the practice on the edging of the blanket and figure out exactly how it will work when I do the big one.


I ordered more of the colourways and was super happy when they all arrived so quickly. I was inspired to continue on! I added a few rows until I ran out of the colour pattern I had figured out from looking at Lucy’s blanket and matching the colours. It was put aside again, until recently when I’ve been inspired to work on it again. I’m not really sure what prompted the new inspiration but I love it’s bright, cheerfulness and warmth and I’d love to see it finished. I also love to see my cat wrapped up in a rainbow. It makes me happy. 🙂


New Year, New Blog

Hello Internets, welcome to a new year and welcome to my new blog!

I hope that this will eventually be full of useful information and helpful tips and tutorials, but for now I need to get used to blogging in general so it may be a bit random for a while.

On My Needles is something that I will be featuring each week. Right now is a case/cozy for my new camera. I also have socks and a baby cardigan in the works.